“Angélique Tsantanis est d’origine grecque et cela transparaît dans sa peinture: il y a du soleil, des fleurs, la mer aussi bien sûr, tantôt calme et turquoise, tantôt sombre et agitée, des sirènes, des aurores, du ciel bleu, de l’énergie et de la joie de vivre.”

“Angélique Tsantanis is of Greek origin and it shows through in her paintings: There is the sun, the flowers, the sea – sometimes calm and turquoise, sometimes dark and wild – sirens, lights, blue sky, the energy and the joy of living.”

Gilles Rouget | photographe

“I since my first creations, wanted to recreate my emotions through the colors and shapes that evoke nature, the urban agglomeration, the human body, music, poetry. My Mediterranean origins are a wonderful source of inspiration in the contemplation of the wild and fragrant nature the shores are mild, but sometimes tormented day and night and heaven are available to infinity.”

“My archaeological studies including architecture has influenced my work. They allowed my work to integrate the organization and spatial structure where the use of black ink which gives them relief and define their spaces.My work combines spontaneity, sensitivity, fluidity, an indoor listening that complete the organization, analysis and balance of shapes and colors with a personal density.”

– Angélique Tsantanis